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TIPS to Unlocking Health & Wellness

The difference between Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health is… nothing! Health is health and it is all encompassing. Therefore, the PRIMARY principle that you should implement and/or understand when making food choices is that “the healthier the life of that the food you are about to eat had, then the better it will be for you, and the less likely you are to have a negative reaction from it.”

What kind of diet should I eat?

In general, we should eat a moderate to high protein diet with lower carbs (for most people) … this doesn’t mean everyone. As a general rule, the lower your body fat percentage the more carbs you can eat. The higher your body fat is the less carbs you should eat. The more carbs you eat the higher your blood sugar goes up, which produces insulin, to shuttle the carbs / proteins in to the cell. This process is necessary to remain of good health, but things have been trending in the opposite direction regarding insulin sensitivity.

According to studies, “88% of the population is insulin resistance.” [Ben Bickman]

Insulin is a storage anabolic hormone that shuttles glucose from the blood stream in to the cell. The cell will use only what it can use and will convert the remaining glucose in to fat. We can only store so many carbs but we can store an endless amount of fat. Fat is the most optimal energy since it has 9kcal per gram of fat. Let’s pause for a second, and think ancestral… the body needed to store fat in order to provide energy when there is no food available. Our ancestors would have to hunt for food, sometimes going days with no food, so they were never about to over consume.

Regardless, the change in our food from, I’ll just call it bluntly, real to FAKE has left people less sensitive to insulin. This means that insulin is no longer able to bind with the cells of the body. Eventually, the body stops producing insulin all together. This is a major problem and leads to Type II diabetes, which is drastically on the rise… This means your cells are weak and unable to go through a process called Autophagy, which is when the body’s cells clean out any unnecessary or damaged components. The inability to convert energy leads to a less optimal environment to burn the energy. Ultimately, for those who are overweight, this means you will not be able to burn fat!

I am struggling losing weight… I have brain fog and no energy… what should I do?

The number one health issue we have as a society is not being sensitive to insulin! This is causing the majority of health issues and your inability to lose fat! This started becoming a major problem in the 50-60’s when our “health experts” decided to tell everyone to go LOW FAT!! This simple decision to avoid consuming fat will force you to eat more carbohydrates, which leads you to a cycle of obesity and death.

Insulin (released from the pancreas when carbohydrates are eaten) plays a massive role in allowing your body to shuttle glucose to the cells thus allowing the body to use this as energy. The more we eat sugar, refined sugar and omega-6 oils (canola, soy bean, etc…) the more we will continue to increase our obesity rate in America and the world. There was a report by the researchers at Global Data on obesity trends and rates, which frankly was astonishing and pathetic!

  1. Americans will be most affected with 81 million expected to be overweight and 113 million obese by 2022 (1).

  2. 60-70% of the US population is either overweight or obese (1).

  3. The estimated ANNUAL medical cost of obesity in the US is $173 billion in 2019.

  4. Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975, with about 13% of adults being obese and about 39% of adults being overweight (3).

  5. The United States has the 12th highest obesity rate in the world at 36.2%. Obesity rates vary significantly between states ranging from 23% to 38.10% (3).

Starting to get the picture? Body positivity is a flat out lie, and we need to stop allowing mainstream people from promoting obesity as cool, while politicians tote to change laws that go against health for the population. Instead, these corrupt A-holes choose to lie while they fill up their fat pockets with cash from corruption. Ok, there was my rant, but seriously obesity is a massive problem in the world and it is only getting worse.

Our body can process carbohydrates, which is what we have done forever, but when you are insulin resistant you have broken your body… and thus we blame the metabolism. This is the hardship for individuals looking to lose weight, burn fat, and get back in to shape once they have reached a far point. However, even if you go through the process still might not be able to fully swing back in to the corrective side of the insulin struggle. A few places to begin, changing your body to get back to insulin sensitive, is as follows:

  1. Stick to a 12:12 ratio of eating to fasting… this is the minimum, you should try to lean for only 8 hours of eating to 16 hours of fasting, when you need drastic changes!

  2. DO NOT use seed or nut oils to cook with… nor should you eat them in your diet

  3. Start resistance training and give yourself rest time!!

  4. Eliminate Refined Sugar

  5. Avoid artificial sweeteners

  6. Low carb is better for you!! But you should eliminate refined flours and crap!

  7. Eat your bodyweight in protein

  8. Focus on your Spiritual Health

  9. Learn to cope with stress… this will help you avoid an increase in cortisol, which is insulin resistant!

Rules for eating…

  1. We should eat an adequate amount of meat, daily… Vitamins & Minerals are the catalyst that convert fuel to energy, food to muscle. In order to do this, you must achieve protein syntheses through an adequate amount of protein, and that premier protein is meat!

  2. We should avoid eating a ton of grains… try and eat ancient grains (Rye, Spelt, etc…)... We have over 20k of different hybrid grains, now, which are easy to grow with the highest yield. This is not necessarily a good thing, although it sounds good!

  3. Do not turn your diet in to a cult like Keto or Paleo… instead, learn the best way to eat for you and DO NOT CUT out meat from your diet (unless you are fasting).

  4. Vegan, plant food, has cleansing properties that can be beneficial for a variety of disease. If you have an ailment such as cancer, sickness and other diseases you could go this direction. This may potentially allow you to re-set your immune system.

Is your FAD diet working for you?

Carnivore Diet… this diet is a diet based around only animal products! You basically eliminated anything that is not of meat. You can’t argue that the results are profound, but you can make the argument that by elimination the diet works. “By elimination” means you cut out all the junk food you were eating in your normal daily diet, which is mainly refined foods. By simply making a drastic lifestyle change and sticking to this drastic diet, you are going to see drastic results.

This goes for Keto and Paleo, for that matter… through “by elimination” you cut out all the junk you have been eating and replace it with healthier Real Food calories, you will surely see results. It doesn’t mean that the hardcore drastic diet works.

At the end of the day, self-discipline, is the best way to diet and works well with more general eating. If you choose to eat high protein, coupled with low to moderate carbs, everyone will see results. Additionally, if you eat Real Food and choose high quality ingredients, you will reduce the inflammation in your body as well!


What about Health? Longevity? Brain Health? What should I be doing?

HGH and BDNF are necessary to create NEW synapses, which you need every day! High intensity exercise is required to produce these two hormones. This is another advantage of lifting weights and engaging in resistance training.

Anti-aging goes in to the importance of cells not continuing to divide. In fact, when your body has a continual drip of food entering the blood stream cells will divide at a more rapid rate. When regarding aging, every time your cell divides the telomeres shorten. Telomeres are incredibly important

Every bite of food causes a hormonal response. Sugar, shuts down insulin; healthy fats, causes no insulin spike but up-regulates enzymes systems to take fat out of storage and burn it in the mitochondria. Keto, for example, is supposed to do this and will have other systems to start creating more mitochondria, which is the metabolic machinery to burn more ketones. This is ancestral as it gets!

Carb cycling between low carb, no carb or moderate carb can be considered metabolically flexible when you can use energy from any substrate. This, for lean to moderately lean individuals, is a great way to eat for most people!





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