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If you are looking to get back in shape, FMF is the place to do it! It's the perfect boutique style gym setting where you will get 1:1 attention, even if you aren't personal training and are just a member. I have been going to FMF for roughly 3 years. I started right after I had my second daughter and can honestly say that l'm in better shape now than before I had my kids! Mark (owner) is really knowledgeable and helps people achieve their goals through both fitness and nutrition. 

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I started at FMF 10 years ago because I needed a place to train in preparation for the Tough Mudder. I intended to stay for the 3 months of training since I was already a member elsewhere, but I never left.

 Within the 10 years, I not only completed the Tough Mudder, but Mark Wine led me through my twin's pregnancy (even developed a Prego Program), and my journey through Fitness Competitions... bringing home 1st and 3rd placings. As a working mother of three, FMF is my happy place!!!

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The programing, coaching, facilities, and people are exceptional. My training starting with collegiate swimming and the subsequent transition to general fitness was a tough one but with the numerous program offerings and the many years of experience, Coach Mark Wine was able to find a program that met my fitness goals and needs!


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PRICE is what you PAY... VALUE is what you GET... it's TIME to start your FITNESS JOURNEY!!

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Memberships are taylored to your needs and place you in the program that best fit your goals. We do this on day one by assessing your abilities and discussing your goals with a coach. 


Program Placement Categories


Our programs begin with some baseline development, then boot camp and HIIT classes.


Athletic Performance 

Our aim is at progressing athletes through a plan that develops them as an athlete, enhancing their talents within their sport.


This is our most extensive & popular area of training. We have a variety of programs with proven results designed and tailored

specifically to meet your goals. 


Prepared for ANYTHING. This program will get you in the best shape of your life. Get lean, get conditioned, get strong and gain a TON of power!



From pregnancies to fixing injuries and ailments this is something we pride ourselves in. Bringing people back or raising them up to a more functional lifestyle. We are also specialized in rehab and "return to play" when athletes suffer from a major knee trauma. 



a. We CUSTOMIZE a training schedule, program and plan that ensures you will reach your FITNESS or PERFORMANCE GOALS in 90 days!!

b. Coach GUIDANCE with ALL memberships, no matter what time you come in to workout!!

c. APP BASED... get programming from your phone, we deliver our science backed programs to you through our APP that has exercise videos, a program forum and tracks your workout history!!


d. NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE ensures the fastest path to your GOALS... we customize nutrition plans based around science and your preferences, this promotes long-term success!!

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