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8 MUST HAVE FOODS for a Healthier Gut: Longevity, Fat Loss, and Muscle

What do Fat loss, Muscle Growth, Longevity and Disease have in common???

The Gut!! Our digestive tract, also known as the 'second brain,' holds the keys to unlocking an abundance of health benefits that undulate through every aspect of our lives. At Functional Muscle Fitness, we understand that the path to robust health is paved with the food we eat and the lifestyle we live. In this detailed exploration, we'll review some specific foods that are not just sustenance but powerful instruments of change, specifically for our gut microbiome. From the crunch of an apple to the probiotic potency of kefir, we will explore the spectrum of nature's offerings that can revitalize our gut and overall health.


An Apple a Day Keeps Constipation Away

Apples, along with pears, plums, apricots, and avocados, are rich in sorbitol – a natural, hydrating fiber that can help cleanse your colon. This type of fiber doesn’t just help with regularity; it causes the rate of food absorption to slow down!! Thus, allowing your gut to produce more short-chain fatty acids, which are powerful for fat loss and longevity.


Broccoli: The Green Guardian

This veggie is packed with fiber, yes, but it’s ability to lower cortisol might be even more important! It does this because it is able to boost butyrate levels in the colon. Lower cortisol can mean less stress and a happier, healthier gut. Additionally, this family of vegetables (cruciferous) is helpful in keeping testosterone levels at a higher rate!


Berries are Good!

Berries typically have less sugar, which is awesome… but even better, berries are packed with fiber and loaded with phytochemicals, which dial down inflammation. Additionally, more and more evidence are being shown on how they can combat / lower cancer risk.

Kefir: The Dairy Probiotic You Don’t Know About

Kefir works well because of how it works miracles on building gut flora. Generally, even only a ½ cup per day is enough to have positive benefits. I always suggest going for Organic and grass-fed dairy products, and Kefir is no different.


Apple Cider Vinegar: You Said What???

ACV has been shown to help with insulin regulation, particularly around meal time when you eat carbohydrates. It has been shouted as a fat loss cure, and anecdotally, I do believe it is helpful. You shoulder always choose the raw kind with the mother – it’s like the family secret for gut health. Thanks to its enzyme-rich profile, ACV can do wonders for your gut as well. I personally take 1tbsp in the morning and 1 at night; I do mix it with a little water and I shoot it down with a shot glass.


Lemon Juice: The Vitamin C Cleanse

Lemons are amazing, they really are… they do so many things that I could / should write a whole blog on it but for this blog, I am here to discuss gut health. The high levels of Vitamin C in lemon juice don’t just bolster your immune system; they're also fantastic colon cleansers. Think of it as a morning refresh for your insides. I suggest just adding a few slices of fresh lemons into your water bottle each day.


Going Bananas for Green Bananas

I almost didn’t put this up because honestly, who the hell likes green bananas!?!? They are not sweet and they don’t do the same thing for energy as the yellow ones; however, they do make a better snack than yellow because of the reduced sugar content and the resistant starches that they contain while green… Green bananas are a goldmine of resistant starches, meaning they ferment in your gut and produce butyrate. This can help calm down those pesky T-cells that contribute to gut inflammation. Before you dive in I would suggest only eating a half or so at first, then maybe work to 1 small green banana per day or every other day.


Buckwheat: Because it is Anti-Inflammatory Power

It’s not wheat; it’s a seed, and it’s gluten-free! Buckwheat is packed with vitamins and quercetin, making it not just anti-inflammatory but also a promoter of gut health thanks to its resistant starch content. I am adding it in to this piece because more and more ‘buckwheat’ alternatives are showing up in place of traditional flours and that can mean good things. Next time you are in the store looking for pancake mixes and such, try some buckwheat!


In the symphony of health, each food plays its part in harmony, contributing to the grand performance of gut health which underlies our overall well-being. The journey to optimal vitality begins with the smallest of choices that nurture our inner ecosystem. From the humble apple to the robust broccoli, the foods we choose can be powerful allies in our quest for longevity, fat loss, and enhanced life quality.


Let's not forget that everybody is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. That's where the true magic of personalized guidance comes in. Some of these foods may not fit for you and that is ok, but, the fact remains, you need to focus on GUT HEALTH!!!


Are you ready to transform your health with a strategy tailored just for you? Functional Muscle Fitness is committed to curating a journey that caters to your individual needs with custom app-based programming and nutritional wisdom. Take the first step towards a rejuvenated you. Sign up for our online training and receive bespoke nutritional guidance from Coach Wine.


Don't let another day pass you by. Email to start your personalized wellness adventure today. Your journey to a healthier, happier you awaits.

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