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Training Programs

Transform Your Body

Embark on a transformative fitness journey at Functional Muscle Fitness, where our diverse array of result-oriented training programs ensures a tailor-made experience for every member. The Muscle Builder Pro program is perfect for those looking to amplify their strength by building muscle mass, while the Bikini Sculpting program promises a toned and sculpted physique, ready for any stage or beach. For those in high-stakes, tactical professions, our Tactical program focuses on enhancing strategic skills, agility, and endurance. The intensive Boot Camp experience pushes limits, building unparalleled strength, endurance and resilience. Elite athletes will find their home in the Pro program, with its emphasis on performance enhancement and injury prevention, crafted for the competitive edge. Our Body Sculpting program rounds out the offerings, ensuring aesthetic balance and muscle definition for a fully transformed physique. Under the expert guidance of Coach Wine, every program at Functional Muscle Fitness is original, meticulously crafted, and guaranteed to drive results, placing members on the fast track to achieving their goals and unlocking the best version of themselves. Say YES to FMF, and step into a world of personalized, results-driven fitness.



Aesthetic Transformation: Transform your physique with our Body Sculpting program. This program is designed to shape, tone, and refine your body, focusing on aesthetic balance and muscle definition. Resistance Training is the main focal point with higher levels of volume, challenging you and helping you burn fat and get lean in the legs, glutes, back, shoulders and abs!!


Shape & Sculpting: Achieve that coveted beach-ready body with our Bikini program. Tailored for targeted fat loss and muscle toning, this program promises a sculpted and balanced physique, ready to shine under the sun. Focus is on the glutes, shoulders, lats and stomach!


Metabolic Resistance Training: Embrace the challenge with our Boot Camp program, a high-energy, full-body workout experience. This program focuses on building endurance, strength, and losing weight/fat, pushing you to your limits.


First, this program is a PHYSIQUE and POWER (i.e. strength) lifting program. The program will consist of classic breakdowns focusing on body parts with most of the workouts. There will be emphasis on transition between strength and hypertrophy variables for most of the big multi-joint lifts. Intensity will be brought with higher percentage loads while isolation and detail smaller movements will require higher volume variables with slow tempos.


Step into the realm of professional body building with our Pro program. Tailored for competitive athletes and those looking to build muscle, this program centers around traditional and untraditional movements pushing each participant to their fail points to get jacked by building insane muscle!!


Specialized Performance: Elevate your strategic skills and physical readiness with our Tactical program. Designed for individuals who require peak physical performance in high-stakes environments, this program hones in on agility, strength, power, mobility and endurance... great for Spartan Races; MMA; Military; Police; Fire; and wrestling!!


We bring athletes and fitness enthusiasts back in this progression:

1. Physical therapy

2. Rehabilitation

3. Return to Play

4. Performance

Our process focuses on the whole body and fixing the ACTUAL cause of the injury, not just the result. We specialize in Knees, Lower Back, Hips & Ankles...



This is a lengthy process, one that requires a high level of care and an extreme attention to detail. We have successfully trained 100's of athletes back from ACL tears over the past decade. We focus on strength, stability and putting them through sport specific regimens under supervision. The x-factor that we focus on is the mental side, which is the last thing to heal:

  1. General ROM & Activation

  2. Strength & Stability

  3. Strength, Power & Controlled Impact

  4. Dynamic Performance while Introducing Reactive Training

  5. Performance Under Duress 


This is one of the most challenging rehabilitation processes as a result of length of trauma. What do I mean? Most of our patients have been suffering from never-ending LBP for a long time... We focus on the whole body to correct these issues. Firstly, we emphasize releasing tension of the QL, Hips & Glutes. Second, we work on stabilizing the hips through glute focused training, which includes core and overall legs and back strengthening.


One of the most common injuries with sports, while in our opinion, it is the most missed injury. Why??? This injury is often the result of join instability, which is often cause by the glute medius. Our philosophy on this matter is to focus on improving mechanoreceptors connection while increasing strength of the glutes. We do this through unilateral training, mainly, while utilizing specific muscle activation exercises like clams, VMO holds, Single Leg Tosses, and more...


This is an interesting one because this is such a complex process. First, you have to focus on getting your ROM back, like most injuries, but the list of contraindicated movements is vast even when you have your strength back. Our focus is multi-tiered:

1. Focus on your ROM

2. Increase Joint Stability

3. Strengthen the Counters

4. Improve Speed Capacity

5. Back to Sport


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