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The WINTER Classic... December 18, 2022

3v3 Winter Tournament.jpg
  1. All fees paid for this training / agreement / clinic are earned immediately by Functional Muscle Fitness Inc. and are not refundable.

  2. Functional Muscle Fitness Inc., ownership, managers, trainers, representatives, volunteers, contractors, any location, or any locations owners, that is housing where your training is being fulfilled, are not responsible for any injuries (physical, mental, death) sustained while training under supervision and have no liability for any such injury.

  3. No information, program designs, written documents, videos, pictures, nutritional information, exercises of any sorts, or any other knowledgeable trait learned or acquired while training under Functional Muscle Fitness Inc., other assigned trainer, volunteer, contracted employee, or anyone not listed representing Functional Muscle Fitness Inc., may be copied or disclosed without the written consent of Functional Muscle Fitness Inc.

  4. Make up sessions for missed sessions during designated clinics, with the listed dates of training, will not be offered. It is possible, not guaranteed, to make pre-arranged adjustments to the day you will not attend in order to make up that training day. The decision is at sole discretion of Functional Muscle Fitness and not the participant. 

  5. We reserve the right, for media purposes, to take photos or short clips, while training, in order to highlight the clinics.

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