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Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

Fat loss is not a goal, it is not a pill, it is not a workout, and it is not a diet, but rather fat loss is a choice, a successful plan and lifestyle in which one chooses. The plan and lifestyle is the key to success for various reasons. More importantly, it has to be a plan that the individual can adopt 100%. They must be satisfied with the workouts, the exercises, the food choices, and the overall feel of the routine. However, due to these restrictive factors aforementioned, it is best for each individual to determine, with proper guidance, their very own program that fits around their desires, likes, and schedule. Acquiring knowledge that gives each individual a base level of understanding on how / what kind of choices to make is essential and will ultimately lead to results.

Not all choices are created equal just as all nutrition plans do not work for everyone. The first rule of eating is… there are no rules, there are only guidelines. What works for one person may not work for another. However, I will always state that food quality is the most important thing you can do to live a healthy life. Here are a few extra tips that go beyond that:

1) Eat 6-8 times per day

One of the most successful ways to cut fat and lean up is through continuation eating, which is constantly consuming calories throughout the entirety of the day. Time your food intake every 2-3 hours to keeps your body's metabolism elevated. Eat three well balanced meals and the remaining can be healthy snacks or post/pre-workout shakes. This technique leads to healthier food choices as well. Numerous studies have shown that consuming 1-2 meals per day lead to elevated weight / fat gains and lead to poor food choices. Food choices such as donuts instead of eggs and toast; choosing a burger instead of a light turkey sandwich. The list can further be elaborated upon.

2) Perform complex exercises

Studies show that performing complex multi-joint movements over isolated single joint lead to greater levels of lean muscle while reducing body fat levels. Complex movements expend more calories while recruiting / engaging more than one musculature. A side note, nearly all complex exercises engage your core tremendously. Engaging multiple muscles at one time, while using weight that makes you struggle, will elevate your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Elevating your RMR is essential in terms of fat burning mode versus fat storing mode. Training with complex movements burn calories throughout the day, thus maintaining fat burning mode.

3) Exercise more than once per day

I'm not talking about hitting a hardcore workout twice every day, but rather simply moving twice. Our lives have become much more sedentary as we have become introduced to electronics. It is vitally important that we continue to move throughout the day. Performing one dominant workout, either in the first or second half of your day, is essential to engage lean muscle. On that same day, perform one active movement workout (i.e. walking, jogging, stretching, body weight movements, gardening, participating in a sport, etc...) in the first or second half of the day, opposite of the dominant workout. A suggestion is to utilize the movement workout at night when your RMR drops significantly. The RMR drops as it prepares your body for rest and recovery. This is a great time to get that second movement workout in to keep the RMR higher and burn the calories from dinner. Take a walk after dinner, jog after dinner, perform Yoga before bed, walk the dog. All of these suggestions, plus more, can help keep your RMR elevated and keep your body in fat burn mode.

4) Eat Low Glycemic

Low Glycemic food will not raise your blood sugar levels or spike your insulin levels when consumed. This is one of the most essential ways to avoid high body fat percentages, diabetes, and preserve your general health. Looking at a low GI diet in regards to fat reduction, provides us with insight into how the calories and nutrients slowly digest into your body. Slower absorbing nutrients and macro-nutrients allows your body to burn the calories as they are coming in, thus giving your body the chance to remain in fat burning mode and not fat storing mode. When combining foods that are balanced in fat, protein, whole grains and fiber, your meals will have a lower glycemic value. This is the most successful fat burning meal plan you can have, keep, and utilize for the rest of your life.

5) Eat Healthy Fat

Too often people confuse dieting as simply cutting fat out of their diet. This cannot be further from the truth. Numerous case studies have proven that individuals who consume a healthy amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats tend to have a lower body fat percentage; choose avocados, almonds, mixed unsalted nuts, olive oil, acai berries, and other healthy fat foods to keep your body fat levels under control.

These tips can be a great start to a new lifestyle that will lead to greater results. Stick to them, live through them, and embrace them to achieve a healthier you.

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