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Weight Loss Made Simple... Detoxification is Critical

Weight Loss Made Simple – detoxification is critical

By, Mark Wine CSCS; BA; CES, PES

Millions of endocrine-harmful substances can be found in our meats, veggies, water, and air. The facts of life make daily detoxification vital in order to live a long and healthy life. The major problem arises when people assume that detoxifying means performing a onetime detoxification session and/or fasting. Both of these tactics are a temporary band aid to a drastic flesh wound, not to mention that they have proven unsuccessful and can even be harmful. So how do you incorporate detoxification into everyday life?

First, consume ample amounts of water and fiber daily. Consume at least 25 grams of fiber per day and at minimum 2 liters of water per day. These are not suggestions but rather truths. As well, dietary fiber has even proven to alter the way your gastrointestinal tract absorbs nutrients. A healthy gastrointestinal tract results in greater nutrient absorption and general health.

Second, another method of detoxification comes from food that is rich with antioxidants. Antioxidant enriched foods can eliminate and/or reduce oxidative stress and hormonal alterations within the body. Antioxidants do so by eliminating heavy metals and toxins. Berries, green tea, carnitine, omega-3’s and ginkgo are all great detoxifiers. In addition to detoxifying the body, carnitine supplementation results in fat reduction by allowing fat to enter the cell to be burned up as energy. Even better, supplementing omega-3 with carnitine can stimulate dopamine production, which can lead to a greater mental capacity and enhanced mood. An enhanced mood and mental capacity lead to greater levels of motivation that result in greater results. It’s really simple; one smart choice leads to ten even greater results.

Third, you may have heard of a tiny bacterium that occurs within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract called “probiotics.” Probiotics have many qualities and responsibilities throughout the GI tract; however, none may be more important than their ability to enhance, heal and allow for greater nutrient absorption throughout the GI tract. Having a poorly performing GI tract has been linked to feelings of depression, reduced mood, and poor cognitive function. Although all three listed are negative side effects, cognitive function may stand above the rest. Healthy cognitive function requires signals, neurotransmitters, being competently sent from the brain to the cells (i.e. neurotransmitter efficiency). Neurotransmitters are primarily responsible for relaying sensory input (information) throughout the body. One major role of neurotransmitter activity, in regards to weight and fat loss, is hormone receptor efficiency. Hormone receptor efficiency ensures proper hormonal function that result in increased mood, motivation and energy. Without proper hormonal function the body and mind will run wild and all results will be limited.

Research has linked probiotics to lower levels of anxiety and stress. Elevated stress leads to cortisol production, which is directly linked to eminent levels of fat. On the other hand, a meal plan that consists of a high protein diet, coupled with probiotics, as a successful way of decreasing body weight and belly fat (i.e. visceral fat). Belly fat is arguably the most deadly and unhealthy fat within the body. It has been linked to elevated levels of unhealthy cholesterol and insulin sensitivity; these side effects result in heart attacks and diabetes, which are two leading causes of deaths within the United States of America.

A successful detoxification of the body is not a onetime session but rather an everyday choice. If you continually detoxify your body you will rid yourself of harmful free-radicals, toxins, pollutants and other harmful substances. As your body becomes cleansed so will your body’s ability to burn fat. Add years on your life and remove fat from your waist through daily detoxification.

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