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The Secret Formula to Cut Fat and Boost Your Immune System

Food is the key to success in the "battle of the bulge," or better known as "the fight against fat." "You are what you eat"

was a childhood quote that has stuck with me from the beginning. Envisioning myself as a French bread pizza growing up sounds ridiculous, but it helped lead me to a pathway of healthy eating and fitness. Healthy eating and fitness became a lifestyle that has left me craving more and more every day. Fitness provides energy and health, but the food ingested makes it more attainable to maintain optimal levels of fitness. Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat it becomes an essential tool in the arsenal. One must learn through research and trial to uncover all that food has to offer. For me, researching food through readings and work as a chef has provided me insight into super foods. Super foods are foods that have superior health and fat loss benefits.

Obesity is not only an epidemic in America today, but it has spread to the global community as well. Being overweight or obese often has the following side effects: heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, early death, and lack of energy. Eating unhealthy often leads to a decline in ones immune system, which can lead to numerous illnesses, including cancer.

Whether you are obese, overweight, looking to lose a few extra pounds to show those abs, or just simply looking to boost your immune system, the secret lies in the food you ingest. Cinnamon & Honey (aka. the Mighty Two) may be the two most powerful foods commonly available today. A Canadian based magazine, Weekly World News, wrote a piece in January of 1995 about the benefits of supplementing honey and cinnamon into your diet. Here is a list of some of the diseases various western scientists have found honey and cinnamon can cure / prevent:

· Weight Loss: this might be the secret tip most supplement companies do not want you to know. In fact, major supplement companies might actually fight to get this article taken down. Here it goes... Boil water, pour into a coffee mug, and then mix honey and cinnamon into that cup of water. Drink this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and again at the end of the night before bed. This simple tip, along with smart food choices, has been shown to reduce the weight of both obese and slightly overweight individuals. Drinking this mixture on a regular basis has been shown to prevent fat accumulation within your body, even when combined with a higher calorie diet. Honey is safe for diabetics if taken in smaller dosages and spread out. It's natural sugars are not high-high glycemic and can even control / stabilize blood pressure.

· Heart Disease: as one ages arteries and veins tighten up, thus losing their flexibility. Honey and cinnamon have been shown to help prevent this effect. The Mighty Two have been shown to reduce cholesterol as well, thus clearing the arterial pathways.

· Immune System: daily use of the Mighty Two can protect the body from bacterial and viral attacks. Honey has been proven to strengthen white blood corpuscles where DNA is contained. Honey contains larger quantities of vitamins and iron. Studies in Spain have shown that honey contains natural ingredients that can kill the Influenza virus. Supplementing a quarter spoonful of cinnamon and a spoonful of honey may help rid the common cold if taken consistently for consecutive days.

· Indigestions, Gas, Upset Stomach: various studies have shown the Mighty Two relieves gas, upset stomachs (even eliminates stomach ulcers from its root), and can help relieve acidity of food to relieve indigestion. The Might Two can act as an aid in the digestion of heavier meals as well.

· Energy Problems: Honey and cinnamon has been shown to increase vitality within the body in a couple weeks, when taken in daily dosages two times per day. It keeps the brain / body alert and more flexible.

· Arthritis: individuals at Copenhagen University participated in a case study. Numerous participants who were once unable to walk / move around free of chronic pain supplemented honey and cinnamon on daily basis. The result, numerous participants became able to move around within one month free of pain or with significantly reduced pain. Participants ingested servings of honey and cinnamon in combination two times daily, morning and night. They ingested two tablespoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder in one cup of hot water.

FOOD TIPS: mix the two as a paste and spread it like jam on toast or bread. Mix 1/4 spoon full of cinnamon and honey in warm / hot water (dissolves better) and drink in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Put a healthy amount of cinnamon on rolled oats and drizzle with honey for a nutritious breakfast. Ingest two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon in one cup of hot water morning and night.

DO's & DONT's: choose organic pure raw honey because it contains more B-Vitamins and contains all the nutritional benefits that is mentioned throughout this article. Do not boil or microwave honey because it will kill the enzymes. Choose Organic cinnamon.

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