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Jen R.,

Mother of two

Oh the many reasons I love FMF!! Every trainer took time to coach me in the direction I needed to be going to reach my goals. I have crushed every goal I have set, thanks to their dedication and education for doing what they love (and some seriously hard work.

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Joseph E.,

Law Enforcement

I have worked out consistently for over ten years and have NEVER seen results anywhere near what I have accomplished with Functional Muscle Fitness. The workouts and exercises are the most unique and physically challenging I have ever experienced. 

Athlete - Slider Lunge (BJ).jpg

Pro Lacrosse Player

Mark, Edgar, and the FMF Team are the best athletic performance team I have ever come across. When I came into Mark three years ago, I struggled with lower back pain and was looking to improve my speed. Since consistently going to FMF, I have transformed into being the healthiest, strongest, most athletic version of myself I have ever been.  I coach full time and advise each of my player's to go to FMF!!


I started going to FMF 3 years ago after I had my second daughter. I was looking for a gym that was more boutique style that offered work-outs specific to my goals and didn't just have random work-outs that had no point. Joining FMF was one of the best decisions I have made! All of the programs are uniquely made and have different benefits depending on your goals. I have totally elevated my fitness level the last 3 years and am really happy with where I am at! 

Suzanne A.,


Hugh R.,


My child has been going to Functional Muscle Fitness for about a year for sports related rehab. We went from barely maintaining to excelling. It's clean, well equipped, and has educated trainers. It's a real gym gym for those serious about sports.

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